Yale has filled a fairly obvious gap in its lineup of home security cameras in the form of the newly-announced Floodlight Camera, rounding out its lineup for now.

The camera boasts a 2,000-lumen floodlighting system in two prongs that you can arrange to point exactly as you need, making them great for slightly funky spaces.

Yale lets you set motion alerts in marked regions, as you'd hope, so you can ensure that you're only notified at certain times of the day or night, and in certain areas. That means no notifications if the camera catches a whiff of someone walking past your home, for instance.

There are multiple lighting modes to ensure that you don't blind anyone unnecessarily, too, and in a pinch it can deploy a 110dB built-in siren which should be more than enough to deter most intruders or trespassers.

Camera quality isn't industry-leading here at 1080p, but that should be sharp enough for most people, while an IP65 weather rating means you're fine to leave it out in all sorts of bad weather without worrying.

Hooking the Floodlight Camera up to your Wi-Fi will let you check in on it from wherever you might be when you're away, which is obviously a must for this sort of home security camera.

The Yale Floodlight Camera will be available to order from 28 September 2022 and is priced at £169.99.

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