It's fair to say that the more we connect our world to the internet, and the more smart products we bring into our homes, the more we open our homes up to digital risks.

It's well documented that smart devices are open to hacking by sophisticated attackers, even if some of them come with built-in security, and once someone has access to your home network there's no telling what damage they could do. That's why products like Trend Micro's Home Network Security are so important in this day and age.

This simple plug-in box will secure your home network from even the most sophisticated threats, ensuring that you can use your devices on the internet without any worries. What is Home Network Security exactly, though, and how does it work? Read on to find out.

A simple box to plug in

The Trend Micro Home Network Security device is so easy to set up – you just plug it into power, connect it to your home router by ethernet, and you're ready to go once you install the Trend Micro Home Network Security app to your mobile device or tablet.

The box effectively then sits as a literal guard over your home internet, scanning all traffic that comes through it in either direction to make sure that there are no threats or hacking attempts disguised in it. It means that once you set it up you can largely forget it's there, with no maintenance required.

Manage your security easily

If you do want to take a more active hand in things, that's really easy with the Trend Micro Home Network Security app. The simple and easy to use app makes it trivial to monitor activity, and define security settings.

You can view the devices connected to your network, and get assessments of whether they're using any particularly vulnerable software, which is really helpful, plus the Trend Micro Home Network device works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, to get status updates or even pause the internet through your smart speaker.

Smart devices management from anywhere and parental controls

This degree of control means that it's super easy for you to be confident of what devices are accessing your network. More than that, if you see anything that you don't recognise or want on the network, it's a simple tap to remove it from your network remotely. You even get alerts of devices trying to access your network, and with one simple step can block them.

You can also assign devices to members of your family and set different access rules – meaning that you could, for example, assign your child's Nintendo Switch to lose its network access at a certain time each evening to make sure they're not on Fortnite into the wee hours.

Plus, you can download the Trend Micro Home Network Security app on the App Store or Google Play Store to scan your home Wi-Fi environment and identify the potential risks of your connected devices for free.

Keep the internet safe for your kids on any device

In fact, keeping your kids safe on the internet is one of the major benefits that Home Network Security can offer – it's super easy to set time limits, or to set controls that'll alert you if they try to download or access an age-inappropriate app or site.

You can even filter content directly to make sure they don't stumble across anything hurtful on the internet, making sure that they get the benefits of the connected world without the risks.

Great limited-time deals

If this all sounds like something you'd want on your home network (and it is for us), we've got good news – Trend Micro's activated a couple of superb deals to make its security accessible to more people.

Right now you can get $40 off plus free ground shipping on the Home Network Security box, taking it down to just $109.95, a low price to protect everything on your Wi-Fi, if you're asking us.

But what’s the difference between HNS protection and traditional Antivirus? Do you need both? HNS protects your home at the network level and monitors all of the traffic going through your router. Traditional Antivirus software, meanwhile, is installed to individual computers or devices. For the best security, people need both layers of protection. Trend Micro's Maximum Security software package is 55% off right now, though, bringing its price down to $39.95. Get protected with Trend Micro today!

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