WiZ – a smart lighting company – has announced that its range of connected light bulbs, LED strips, lamps, sensors and plugs are being launched widely across Europe, including in the UK.

The manufacturer is now part of the Signify group, the same which operates the more well-known Philips Hue brand, except WiZ offers much more affordable systems that are easy to set up and secure (because they don't require you to share personal contact information to get started).

Among the more recent additions to the brand's products are the LED filament bulbs designed to look like those classic filament bulbs and fit within that classic chiq style decor, as well as smart plugs for plugging your existing electronics into and motion sensors which you can program to activate the smart bulbs.

While there are many different styles of bulbs, a lot of the new second-generation products use a chip which combines Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to make setting up through the new WiZ smart home app much simpler.

Like so many other smart lighting brands, you get to control colours and brightness as well as create animated effects. Plus, they're compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa, so if you need or want to use your smart speaker to activate routines, or switching products on or off, you can do so.

Arguably what makes them more attractive is their price point. Many of the individual smart bulbs, including the new filament range are available for between £12 and £15 per bulb, and they don't need a pricey hub to get them connected.

You can also get a physical remote to control them with for those moments when you can't quite find a smartphone, or someone else in the house without a smart device is wanting to control the lights.

That means the potential cost of putting a light in every room in your house is significantly less than some other well-known brands.

In the UK, the products will be available from popular retailers like John Lewis, Currys PC World, Argos and B&Q.


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