Signify – the company behind Philips Hue smart lighting – has announced a new app, features and products for its other smart lighting brand, WiZ.

The WiZ app V2 will launch at the end of September 2022 and it will bring with it a feature called SpaceSense that is based on Wi-Fi sensing technology. SpaceSense uses Wi-Fi signals in a room to detect motion without products requiring dedicated sensors and batteries.

The WiZ lights will be able to determine if an object is moving in the room by measuring small deviations in signal strength and the detection is omnidirectional, so it doesn't require a line of sight.

You'll need to have two WiZ smart lights installed in a room and be running the WiZ app V2 but once you have done this, the SpaceSense feature will automatically turn lights on in a room when you enter, or off in rooms when no motion is detected. Senstivity can be adjusted too so your pets can't turn the lights on.

Along with the SpaceSense feature, the WiZ app V2 brings a redesigned interface and features including Quick Action, which will allow you to have your own, personalised lighting quick action in the app. There's also Light Scene Management feature.

WiZ also announced the waterproof and weatherproof String Light, offering 16 million colour options. There are 12 LED bulbs within the String Light and there's a Dynamic Light Mode setting that will see the bulbs randomly light up multiple colors based on the chosen light mode.

The WiZ app V2 with its SpaceSense feature and other features is compatible with all WiZ and Connected by WiZ products. As mentioned, it will be available from end of September 2022. The WiZ Outdoor String Light will be available from October 2022 and it will cost £109.99 in the UK.

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