Smart doorbells are great in theory, but they are an expensive investment, especially if you only want to access a few of their features.

QBell, on the other hand, is a smart doorbell, without the doorbell tech. There’s no installation, no bulky setup, and an attractive price to go with it. Sound like your kind of thing? Let’s find out why we’re on board with this new approach.

What is QBell?

Slightly hinted by its name, QBell is essentially an adhesive QR code that you can apply pretty much anywhere. Unlike most smart doorbells, QBell doesn’t require Wi-Fi, electricity, or any kind of subscription.

These are just some of the many reasons people are ditching complicated smart doorbells that cost a fortune and making the sensible switch to QBell. But the best part, the QBell starter set costs a mere £12.99; that’s a massive saving compared to the Ring Video Doorbell at £89.99.

Why QBell is different from other smart doorbells

What makes QBell stand out is how accessible it is. Thanks to its adhesive nature, you can install QBell almost anywhere; it’s perfect for shared spaces, rental properties, offices, garages, and more.

QBell is compatible with any phone on the market since there’s no need for visitors to download an app, or have a specific QR code scanning app. QBell owners can download the free QBell app in order to respond to visitors from anywhere in the world; they’ll get a message which they can respond to in real-time. It’s ideal for letting delivery drivers know they can leave a parcel somewhere, informing friends or family how long it will take you to get home, or for sharing with other members of your household.

Since there’s no installation necessary, QBell is perfect for rented properties. You won’t need to ask your landlord for permission to install a wired smart doorbell, instead, you can just stick the QBell on your doorframe, window, or anywhere else without leaving a mark.

How does QBell work?

Using QBell couldn’t be simpler. It’s one of the most attractive features of this smart doorbell interface.

When your QBell arrives, just download QBell app to activate your unique code, then pair it to your account. Remove the backing from your QBell and stick it to any surface (just make sure it’s convenient and visible to your visitors). When someone arrives at your door, they can scan the code using their smartphone; that’s it, the job is done!

QBell has a lot to offer

Let’s mull over some of the other outstanding features QBell has to offer. This smart doorbell system is a far more sustainable way to be able to communicate with visitors. Not only does it not require clunky hardware, but it’s also much more eco-friendly. First, no batteries are required. In fact, no electricity is required whatsoever, so you’re saving money on replacing dead batteries, and on your home’s electricity.

Next, since QBell doesn’t use Wi-Fi, there are no privacy concerns. No one can hack into your video doorbell and they can’t extract any personal data from your network. If you live in rented or university accommodation, you may not even have internet access, so it’s a great, affordable choice that anyone can use.

Now, how many times have you gone out knowing you have a parcel arriving at your door? There are probably thousands of us that leave sticky notes on our doors telling delivery drivers where to leave our parcels if we’re not home. If the delivery driver doesn’t take the sticky note off the door when they leave, this pretty much points to your parcel’s location and tells other people you’re not home. That’s a privacy concern in itself. With QBell, you can leave preset delivery instructions for couriers to read. Once they arrive at your door and scan the code, you can opt-in to providing an auto-response for them to read. For example, you can tell them to leave it with a neighbour, put it in a safe place, or, if it’s not breakable, throw it over your garden fence. It just makes a lot more sense and gives you that reassurance your parcel is going to be where you’ve instructed it to be.

An indestructible choice

Granted, most video doorbells are going to be weatherproof to an extent, but products like the Ring doorbell aren’t completely waterproof; they require some kind of shelter above them to ensure they don’t get damaged from heavy rain. Imagine the cost of having to replace a video doorbell like that thanks to some really bad weather.

Since QBell is powered by QR codes which are fully weatherproof, they are designed to withstand any kind of weather, in any location. You won’t need to find a specific spot on your doorframe or wall when installing your QBell. And remember, there are no batteries, no Wi-Fi, and no wiring to consider, which is why it’s suitable for everyone.

When visitors arrive at your door, they simply scan the QR code. The QR code is paired to your phone (or family and housemates you’ve added if you’re a premium QBell user), so there is no accessible network hackers could get into. Visitors are instantly connected with you, or your designated users, and no one else, so no personal data is exchanged.

The smarter, smart doorbell choice

At an insanely affordable cost of just £12.99, a QBell smart doorbell system solves many inconveniences and concerns that other smart doorbells or video doorbells don’t.

Now you can answer your door from anywhere; in bed, from another country, at work; you name it. And the best part, no installation, Wi-Fi, or wires are required. QBell is the sensible, safe, and smart choice when it comes to investing in smart technology.

QBell is currently offering a 25 per cent discount to new customers throughout August, so there has never been a better time to try one. Pocket-lint readers can get this discount by using the code ‘QBell25’ when checking out here.

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