Sonos is a multiroom home sound system offering various speakers and soundbars within its portfolio. All Sonos devices link seamlessly with one another over a mesh Wi-Fi network, but Sonos speakers also work with some third party devices too.

That's where the Works with Sonos program comes in. Here is everything you need to know about the Works with Sonos platform, along with what devices are compatible and which companies are certified.

What is Works with Sonos?

The Works with Sonos program means that any product or device with the Works with Sonos badge is certified to connect seamlessly with the Sonos Home Sound System.

For a product to get certified, they must meet Sonos' exacting standards in terms of both design and sound.

Which devices are compatible with the Works with Sonos program?

There are a number of companies on the Works with Sonos certified list, and others are coming soon including Ikea and its Symfonisk range that has been designed in collaboration with Sonos.

Here's the current list of companies and their devices that fulfil the Works with Sonos requirements:


  • Lutron Caseta Wireless
  • RA2 Select
  • RadioRA 2
  • HomeWorks QS

Lutron offers direct, one-touch control of any Sonos speaker, along with lighting, blinds and central heating. Those with Lutron will be able to play, pause, skip tracks and adjust volume in the same way you would control lights and blinds.

Schneider Electric

  • KNX Home Automation Solution

Schneider Electric developed a Schneider Electric Sonos Application that seamlessly integrates with its Wiser for KNX IoT controller, offering light control, blind and shutter control and HVAC control.


  • xPRESS Audio Keypad

iPort offers instant buttons, allowing users to control any Sonos device through the xPRESS Audio Keypad. You can scroll through your Sonos favourites, control volume and skip tracks and the keypad can be mounted on the wall or anywhere else thanks to built-in magnets.


TunesMap will create an interactive documentary of films, art, fashion, books, photos, articles, videos, and merchandise from the artist you're listening to on your Sonos speaker, displaying it to an Apple TV if you have one.


The Wink integration allows control of Sonos, lights, power and security through one app. Simple controls will enable users to monitor and manage their home without having to switch apps.


Yonomi works with several smart home devices, including Nest, Philips Hue, LIFX, Ecobee and Lutron. The integration with Sonos allows users to automate their Sonos system, or link it up with other smart home devices.


  • ABB-free@home

Like others in the Works with Sonos certified list, ABB allows for home automation, including your Sonos speakers, from one app. The ABB-free@home system allows you to control your Sonos system with a touch of a button, as well as create scenes for when you arrive home or leave, for example.


  • URC Module
  • Total Control 2.0

An URC module allows those with URC's Total Control 2.0 system to control their Sonos system. Users will be able to control volume, group Sonos speakers and soundbars and access Sonos favourites.


  • Onkyo receiver

The integration between Onkyo and Sonos allows those with an Onkyo receiver to make it a part of a Sonos system. After set up, the Onkyo receiver and any speakers connected to it will seamlessly tie into Sonos, with control through the Sonos app.


Rako allows you to control your Sonos through a simple switch. Users with Rako can play music in any room from the same switch used to operate lighting, curtains, and blinds.


Niko Home Control allows users to push a button or use their smartphone to dim lights, turn up the heating and listen to your favourite playlist through your Sonos system. Users can setup the system so if someone is at the door, the volume will turn down automatically, or if you're going out, all the lights and Sonos can switch off with one click.


Wondrwall allows you to play music via the speaker in any of the light switches or via your Sonos speakers. Amazon Alexa is integrated into all the Wondrwall light switches, enabling you to use your voice to play and control songs, playlists, radio stations and podcasts on any of your Sonos speakers, in any room.


Some Elite home cinema components are compatible with Sonos Connect, allowing users to integrate Elite into their Sonos system and control it through the Sonos app.


Like Elite, select Integra components can integrate into an existing Sonos Home Sound System, or a new system, through the addition of a Sonos Connect. Following setup, the compatible Integra component will seamlessly tie into Sonos, instantly waking, changing inputs and playing at the volume input through the Sonos app or control system.


  • Nuimo Control
  • Nuimo Click

Senic's Nuimo Control is a remote for your connected devices including Sonos, Philips Hue, and others. Nuimo Click is a wireless switch for your smart home devices that can be mounted anywhere and never needs recharge, allowing for easy control.


  • Wrensilva x Sonos consoles

The Wrensilva x Sonos consoles offer a fusion of the past and the future. They allow traditional design and analogue audio to combine with intuitive user interfaces and audio streaming from Sonos.


  • Brilliant Control

The Brilliant Control is a light switch that replaces a traditional light switch to provide users with touch and voice control over lights, music, and other smart home products. Its integration with Sonos means anyone in the room can choose from Sonos favorites, play/pause tracks and adjust the volume on the Sonos speakers in your home using the Brilliant Control. (coming soon)

The and Sonos integration will allow users to create a Scene on the app. This could then allow users to single tap the app when they arrive home to result in the security system disarming, the front door unlocking, the living room lights turning on and your favourite album begin playing through Sonos.

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