OK so there are some clues in the title, but Honeywell's all-new all-in-one security system combines the latest intelligent home monitoring technology, face recognition, smart control and the versatility of Amazon Alexa built-in.

Honeywell is a leading smart thermostat brand, but they're just as famous for their innovative security systems, having installed kit in over 150 million homes.

But what does The Honeywell Smart Home Security System actually offer, can it really keep tabs on your teenagers and when push comes to shove will it keep out the bad guys?

What does it do?

Think Amazon's Echo, but with a much greater focus on home security and a bevy of extra features too. While the Echo is seen by many as a glorified kitchen radio with smarts, the Smart Security Base adds in a camera and accessories to expand the opportunities.

With many people now wanting to cut the cord and managed their own security and home awareness – the Smart Home Security system, is specifically designed to be installed, managed and improved by the home owner. Saving money and giving more control back to the consumer.

Coming with an easy to use accompanying app, Honeywell's easy to install Smart Home Security Base Station is a stylish home monitor with an integrated High Definition 1080p with face recognition camera and night vision. It can tell when someone – a member of the family the dog walker or cleaner…or a burglar – enters the house and sends you a push alerts to your smartphone, while at the same time answering questions via Alexa and controlling other connected devices like your robot vacuum cleaner or your lights.

By offering advanced face recognition – instead of dumb motion detection – the Smart Home Security Base Station can identify the kids and send you an instant update, invaluable if you having to work late and want the peace of mind that they got home safe from school without interrogating masses of video clips, but also lets family and friends walk past without sending you a barrage of notifications and getting your stress levels up.

But for many the big draw here is the fact it has Amazon Alexa voice control built-in, so as well as extending the Alexa coverage throughout your home, and being able to control a vast number of other smart home devices you also get two-way microphone and a high-quality (and surprisingly loud) 5W speaker for streaming music – coming soon, listening to the radio and replying to voice requests… and the potential for scaring sway unwanted visitors. It's like having another, much smarter, Echo in your house. Great.

Talking of scaring away unwanted visitors – Deterrence is the best security of all. When the Camera Base station is used with an outdoor MotionViewer, it can play sounds to make the house sound occupied, like a barking dog for instance

How does it work?

Once installed, the Smart Home Security Base Station will detect any motion – through a 147° wide-angle lens – and instantly record a pin-sharp 1080p clip, with full audio, and ping it straight to your smartphone.

If you want to interact with whatever's happening at home, you can talk live via the two-way microphone or if needed set off the seriously loud 90dB alarm. Teenage boyfriends beware!

Control comes via the app, or using Alexa voice commands, and the whole system is also compatible with Google Assistant, and IFTTT. It also makes the most of advanced geofencing, so it can change modes – so, for instance, switch the camera off when you come through the door, and automatically, turn it – and your compatible smart home products – on again when you leave for work in the morning. Clever.

Can you expand on the system beyond the core unit?

Yes is the short answer. To provide whole house coverage Honeywell also offers a range of door and window sensors and both indoor and outdoor MotionViewers that offer 2 years of battery life from a single set of off the shelf batteries.

These battery powered MotionViewers feature a camera and have super smart people only detection (no more false alerts from leaves blowing etc), which capture a 10s clip and work in conjunction with the app and Base Station.

So, for instance, if there's an unwanted visitor after dark , Smart Home Security will turn on compatible Z-Wave Plus lights, and get the 90-decibel internal speaker to play the sound of an angry barking dog. All of which you can view on your app with the recorded event clips.

Other accessories within the range include, window and door sensors, which are fully battery powered for 4 years and discreet. Not only do they let you know if a door or window has been opened, they can also work with the system and let you know if you have left a door or window open when you leave the home, with a handy alert.

There’s even a keyfob accessory so you don't have to worry about using your phone all the time – we've found this especially handy for giving to the cleaner or a neighbour when we're on holiday.

What if the Honeywell Smart Home Security Base Station is stolen? How Secure is it?

No problem. Significantly Honeywell has also included both 24-hour encrypted cloud back up storage and nothing is stored locally, so nothing gets lost, and a manual privacy shutter is installed so you can be sure that what you want to stay private, stays private. All the Honeywell WiseLink communications are super encrypted, preventing the possibility of being remotely tampered with.

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