During its September 2022 event, Amazon announced Eero Internet Backup for its mesh Wi-Fi routers. It allows Eero users to set up a "backup" internet connection, which will kick on when an outage occurs. Few details are known about how it works, but Pocket-lint has read through the initial announcement and support documents to answer any questions you may have as best as possible.

What is Eero Internet Backup and how does it work?

Eero Internet Backup is a new software feature that will allow Eero device users to set up a nearby mobile hotspot or another Wi-Fi network as a backup, including 2.4ghz and 5ghz networks. When the internet goes down, you'll be able to switch your Eero network to your backup source. It'll be broadcasted throughout your home – so all your connected devices will stay online.

"With Eero Internet Backup and a capable hotspot, you can enjoy HD video streaming, video conferencing, music streaming, or online gaming even during internet outages", Amazon explained. "Eero Internet Backup can also detect when an outage is over and automatically switch your Eero network back to your original internet connection, giving you one less thing to worry about."

Amazon has revealed little else about how the feature works at this point, but press imagery suggests you will be able to control the feature within the Eero app, or at the very least set it up there.

Who can use Eero Internet Backup and is it free?

Both new and existing Eero devices will be able to tap into Eero Internet Backup, although Amazon said it is only available to Eero Plus (Eero’s premium service plan) and "select ISP customers" with a compatible Eero device. Eero Plus provides access to more features and expanded parental controls. It costs $9.99 a month in the US, but go here to see the latest pricing in your part of the world.

What speeds can you expect from Eero Internet Backup?

Amazon didn't mention that yet – but it has warned your "coverage, speeds, and reliability" will vary depending on the backup connection.

When will Eero Internet Backup be available to try?

Amazon said Eero Internet Backup will be available in the "coming months". Presumably, that means in Q4 2022 or by the end of the year.

Want to know more?

Check out Eero's support hub for Eero Internet Backup. You can also read Eero's blog post announcing the feature.

Pocket-lint has further reading on Amazon's annual autumn hardware showcase in case you're interested in that as well:

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