Robot vacuum cleaners are designed to make your life easier and save on household chores by lending a helping hand.

After all, no one likes vacuuming and if you have a busy household with kids and pets traipsing dirt into the home on a constant basis then you'll likely loathe the endless cleaning that comes with that.

Robot vacuum cleaners are the ideal solution to this problem. We're big fans of these smart cleaning devices and the Roborock S6 tops out as one of the latest and greatest devices to help clean your home.

We've been spending time with this robot vacuum to bring you six reasons why we love it.

1. An impressive intelligent mapping system

Robot vacuum cleaners include various different sensors and scanning modules to detect the layout of your home as they pass through it. These enable the cleaners to navigate around and from room to room without bumping into everything in sight.

The Roborock S6, has no less than 14 of these sensors built into its design. It also boasts a high-precision laser mapping system. This system works in real-time, enabling the robot to paint a map of your home and the rooms it's cleaning every time it goes out.

This intelligent mapping system has several benefits. Firstly, it enables you to see a history of where the robot vacuum has been and which rooms it has cleaned. It also highlights any issues it might have had along the way – such as obstacles that prevented it from cleaning an entire room.

Secondly, the mapping system also creates an editable map of the floor. This allows you to name specific rooms and access an easy-to-use virtual map of your home from within the accompanying app (available for Android or iOS devices). From within that app, you can then set the robot to clean specific rooms, carry out a spot clean of a certain area or simply set virtual no-go barriers to prevent it from entering a room.

Because the mapping is real-time, it's updatable each time the robot cleaner comes out. Which means it's easy to move it between the floors of your home without causing an issue. This is also useful if someone accidentally left a bedroom door closed first time around but it's open the next time the robot is out on a cleaning spree.

Being able to click anywhere on the map and tell the robot to "go there" and clean is remarkably useful. This system makes it dead easy to not only control your robot vacuum cleaner but also to keep an eye on its progress.

2. Impressive cleaning capabilities

Of course one of the most important features of a robot vacuum cleaner has to be the ability to actually clean successfully. The Roborock S6 does not disappoint in this area. It has powerful suction capabilities and a design that ensures it picks up as much dirt as possible with every pass of your home.

Using this robot vacuum on a daily basis we found we were regularly emptying its dustbin and that itself is a testament to how well it cleans.

Variable suction levels are also available if you want the robot to clean at night or the early hours of the morning in quiet mode or blast through the house with maximum suction while no one is around. The choice is yours.

A large 5200mAH lithium-ion battery ensures the robot keeps going and going as well. With as much as three hours of cleaning power on the quietest suction mode.

3. Multi-surface cleaning abilities

The Roborock S6 is designed to tackle any area of your home with superb cleaning finesse.

This robot vacuum cleaner sports a dual-action cleaning brush that's part standard-bristles, part rubberised fins. This makes it as capable on hard floors as it is on carpet. So whether cleaning tiles, wooden flooring, plush carpet or lino, the Roborock S6 sucks all the dirt and grime with ease.

The variable speed side brush also ensures excellent results when running along skirting boards and the very edges of the rooms too.

As if that cleaning performance wasn't enough, the Roborock S6 also sports an advance mopping system that uses either disposable cloths or a microfibre towel system to get your hard floors nice and clean.

Simply fill with water, attach to the bottom of the robot vacuum and set it off in mopping mode and it'll clean up minor marks and surface grime to help keep your floors spick and span.

4. Hassle-free robot maintenance

Keeping your robot vacuum cleaner in good shape is an essential part of ensuring it carries on doing a good job. The Roborock team have given this plenty of thought and it's the little design touches of this robot vacuum cleaner that make it awesome.

It comes with a neat little cleaning tool that includes a recessed blade. This is perfect for cutting knotted hair and fibres off the main cleaning brush and ensuring the bristles and blades are free to work their magic on your carpets and hard floors.

The main brush is also designed to be self-cleaning. Tiny brushes on the inside of the housing help keep it as clean as possible and push any hair to the tips where they won't get in the way.

It also includes removable ends. Once enough hair has collected there, you can simply pop the tips off and remove the tangles, with far less need for cutting and faffing.

5. Washable filters mean less expense

Robot vacuum cleaners are often expensive and have hidden costs that include the need to buy replacement filters just a few months after your initial purchase.

Not so with the Roborock S6. This robot vacuum cleaner is not only affordable, it also comes with washable filters. You can wash both the bin and accompanying dust filters without worrying about damaging any precious components.

There's even a spare filter included in the box, meaning you can always have a clean filter in the cleaner with the other drying off nicely between cleaning sessions.

6. Easy docking and recharging

Another highlight for us with the Roborock S6 is its abilities to easily dock for some extra juice once it's finished charging.

Technically you're meant to leave plenty of room either side of the charging dock to allow the robot room to not only find, but also dock with the charger. We found that this robot vacuum cleaner had no problems at all with the process, even when the dock was tucked away in the corner of the room between a speaker and the wall.

This hassle-free docking is joyful as there's nothing more frustrating than coming home to find your robot vacuum cleaner has got stuck in the middle of the house, unable to find its way home. A half-finished clean and a drained robot are no use to anyone. There are no such problems with this robot cleaner.

This has been a summary of some of our favourite features of the Roborock S6, an awesome robot vacuum cleaner that's well worth a look.

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