Every time you put your baby to bed, you start to fret a little. You may have baby monitors and cameras set up. But you’re worried that they don’t record everything that you need to see.
What if something happens that the monitors and cameras don’t pick up on?

Or, perhaps you don’t have a baby. But you have pets and want to ensure they’re safe (and not wrecking the place) when you’re not in the house.

Either way, you need state-of-the-art cameras that capture everything you need to see. EZVIZ delivers with its C6 security range, which provides options for people on a budget and those who want to leverage advanced artificial intelligence (AI) for enhanced protection.

Protection on a budget – The EZVIZ C6N

Don’t allow the word “budget” to fool you when it comes to the C6N camera. Though it’s the most cost-effective option in the C6 range, it still comes loaded with features that allow you to watch over your baby and check up on your pets.

View from anywhere

No matter where you are, you can use your smart device to observe what the camera records. As long as you have an internet connection, you can stream footage to your phone in real-time to always see what’s happening.

In addition to the live view, the C6N offers clear audio reception so you can hear if something’s happening outside of the camera’s view.

Two-way communication

Sometimes, a crying baby or an excitable pet only needs to hear your voice to calm down. The C6N offers that capability thanks to its two-way communication system. Soothe your loved one using the sound of your voice or communicate easily with your partner while they’re taking care of things.

360-degree visual coverage

You need to see everything that’s going on in the room to ensure your baby or pet is safe. With its motorized panning and tilting functions, the C6N offers 360-degree visual coverage. That means your baby or pet won’t end up in any blind spots and unattended.

Superb video quality

The C6N records in 1080p high-definition, which provides all of the visual clarity you need. All of the little details show up, which means you can see minor changes in your baby or pet’s expressions that could indicate if there’s a problem at hand.

Motion detection

You want to know if your baby or pet is on the move when they’re not supervised. With its smart tracking system, the C6N automatically tracks moving objects and sends an alert so you can watch what’s happening in real-time. That means no more worrying about your baby or pet putting themselves in danger because you can always intervene.

AI-enhanced protection – The EZVIZ C6

If you’re looking for some extra layers of protection, the EZVIZ C6 offers a step up from the already tremendous quality you get from the C6N. It does this by building on many of the C6N’s core features.

AI-powered human and pet detection

Using complex AI-driven algorithms, the C6 offers more than basic motion detection. It can determine the shapes of people and pets, allowing it to distinguish between them and irrelevant objects in motion.
For example, let’s say you’ve set up a mobile in your baby’s room. The C6 is smart enough to figure out that the mobile’s motion isn’t important enough to send an alert to you. But if your baby starts moving, you’ll be notified immediately.

Voice activity detection

It may be difficult to tell if your little one has woken up based on motion alone. That’s why the C6 comes with voice activity detection that notifies you if anybody starts speaking in the same room that the camera is in.

That means you know whether to check on your baby or pet based on noise as well as motion.

Enhanced video quality

The C6 builds on the C6N’s 1080p video by offering 2K footage. That means even more visual clarity so you can see exactly what’s happening in the room. With 2K footage, you capture even more of the small details in your video.

A panoramic view

While both the C6N and C6 offer 360-degree coverage, the C6 goes a step further by being fully panoramic. That means you don’t have to wait for the camera to rotate or move to see what’s happening. The C6 captures footage of the whole room all at once.

Protect your baby, pet, and home

Regardless of whether you choose the C6N or C6, you get an intelligent and powerful home security monitoring device. Both options record footage in high definition and feature motion sensing technology that alerts you to any suspicious movement.

The C6 takes things to another level with its AI-driven technology and more advanced features. But those operating on a budget shouldn’t sleep on the C6N, which is still a huge upgrade on regular baby and pet monitors.

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