Video doorbells have become immensely popular over the past decade. You might even say they’ve become essential components of smart security and smart homes in general. The reasons for the popularity of video doorbells are easy to understand.

Smart video doorbells allow you to see what’s happening in front of your door from anywhere in the world. You could be vacationing in the Maldives, and you’d still know who’s approaching your home. Most video doorbells have sophisticated mechanisms to provide intelligent notifications whenever someone comes close to your door or rings the doorbell. As such, smart video doorbells offer considerable peace of mind while also deterring potential burglars from approaching your property.

If you’re considering getting a video doorbell, we say go for it! Your smart security system can’t possibly be complete without one. This article provides an overview of factors to consider when looking for smart video doorbells.

Hardwired or battery-powered video doorbell?

The most important factor to consider when purchasing a video doorbell is its installation style. You have two primary options – hardwired or battery-powered video doorbells. To select the ideal installation style, you should consider your existing doorbell installation. If you already have a doorbell, check whether it’s hardwired or battery-powered.

If your doorbell is connected to two small wires, you can easily connect a hardwired video doorbell to the existing setup. If you don’t have a hardwired setup, you can opt for a battery-powered video doorbell, which can be attached or placed anywhere you want. Both styles of installation come with their unique advantages and drawbacks.

Hardwired doorbells don’t run out of battery, but they’re dependent on a power source. If you lose power, the video doorbell stops working. Battery-powered video doorbells don’t stop working if you lose power, but they have to be charged periodically, depending on the video doorbell’s battery life. The choice is yours.

If battery-powered, then a long-lasting battery life

If you go for a battery-powered video doorbell, you must look for one with a long-lasting battery. After all, there’s no point investing in a video doorbell that must be recharged every other day or week. If you go on an extended vacation, for example, the video doorbell should have enough battery strength to last until you return.

EZVIZ DB2 is an excellent example of a battery-powered video doorbell with a long-lasting battery. You can place the DB2 anywhere you want around the front door – no need for wires or complex installation. It features a 5200 mAh battery that can last for approximately 4 months on one charge, so you don’t need to recharge it constantly.

If you don’t want a battery-powered video doorbell, you can also consider the hard-wired alternative – EZVIZ DB1C.

Mini-SD storage or cloud storage?

After deciding the installation and power options, you must choose between microSD storage or cloud storage for your video doorbell camera. If the video doorbell stores footage on mini-SD cards, you will have a limited capacity for video storage, especially if your camera records FullHD videos. But if you opt for cloud storage, you will have unlimited video storage capacity, but you may have to pay for a cloud service.

You also have a third option – a combination of microSD and cloud storage. That’s precisely what EZVIZ DB2 offers. The battery-powered DB2 video doorbell supports up to 256GB of local storage. If the local storage is exhausted, the device automatically switches to the encrypted cloud storage, so you only need to resort to cloud service after the local storage is exhausted or if that’s your preference.

2K camera with a wide-angle lens

You must ensure your video doorbell can capture crisp, sharp, and clear footage during the day and night. The camera should ideally be able to capture facial features and the number plates of cars, allowing you to report any potential burglaries. To ensure optimal clarity, the video doorbell must allow at least 2k resolution recording, and it must feature a wide-angle lens. Besides these essential features, you must also consider other features, like night vision.

EZVIZ DB2 meets all the qualities mentioned above. It features an HD camera that records 2K resolution, and it has a 176-degree wide-angle lens, allowing you to see what’s happening around your front door. Furthermore, this video doorbell also includes IR night vision capabilities that provide up to 16 feet of clear vision at night. Anything within a reasonable distance of your front door should be completely visible to you during the day or night.

Motion detection, smart alert, and intercom features

Once all the basics are considered, you should look at the video doorbell’s smart features. The ideal video doorbell should have motion detection features, the ability to send smart notifications, and two-way audio interaction capabilities. Furthermore, the smart motion detection feature should be powerful and intelligent enough to only send notifications and alerts when humans are detected and not because of ambient movements.

EZVIZ DB2 has one of the smartest motion detection features available. It includes human-shape detection and PIR detection to ensure all of your alerts are appropriate, minimizing or negating false alarms. It also includes an intercom, allowing you to communicate with those on your doorstep. Furthermore, the DB2 doorbell includes a multi-purpose chime that extends your WiFi signals to ensure optimal connection and serves as a loud indoor chime.

If you carefully consider your options based on the five qualities mentioned above, you will soon find the ideal video doorbell for your specific requirements. The EZVIZ DB2 video doorbell belongs to the same line and company as the DB1C, which was widely acclaimed as the best technology of 2021. If you’re looking for a video doorbell, the DB2 is worth considering. You can pick it up from Amazon here, from AO here or from Very here.

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