If you're a parent, whether it's of a newborn baby or kids in the process of growing up, you probably know the value of being able to keep an eye on your little ones, even if you're just elsewhere in your home.

Vacos is one of the most impressive new names in the smart home security world, and it's got a range of amazing security cameras to help you make sure that your home is secure, alongside some great options like a baby monitor for more specific uses. We've picked out a few of its most enticing procuts right here, but you should also be sure to check out its super holiday sale, which ends on 5 January and has some great discounts to offer up.

Vacos Baby Monitor

A good baby monitor can be worth its weight in gold, letting you relax a bit in confidence that you'll be alerted if your baby stirs or cries. It's a hugely valuable tool in any parent's arsenal, and Vacos has a great smart monitor that's miles better than old-school versions.

It has a 720p camera to watch your crib or bed, with crisp night vision for perfect video whether it's light or dark, and it's paired with a superb little 5-inch display that lets you check on the camera's feed whenever you like. The camera has both temperature and voice detection, so you're not just relying on the video feed, either. It has controls to let you pan and zoom the feed, but you can also check in from your smartphone if that's easier.

Vacos Cam IR Version

If you're hoping to keep an eye on something outdoors, or just want a great camera for your porch or yard, then Vacos also has an excellent option for you in the form of its Cam IR Version, which is waterproof to ensure that you can leave it out regardless of the weather and rely on great video coming back.

It records in full 1080p and has night vision, making it a perfect security camera, and with two-way audio you can let guests know you're on your way once you spot them. You can even pair the camera with one of Vacos' solar panels to ensure that it powers itself without needing to be wired in.

Vacos Indoor Cam

Finally, if you need an indoor camera but don't necessarily have a young child to monitor, you could grab the Vacos Indoor Cam to get the best of all worlds – a superb high-resolution camera that's easy to place around your home.

It works flawlessly with either Amazon Alexa or the Google Assistant (just like the Cam IR Version), letting you control your cameras with a voice assistant if you prefer, making it a great addition if you've already got a smart home system set up. It has great range, making it ideal for even a large indoor room, and its attractive, minimalist design means it will easily fit into a range of aesthetics.

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