Four-packs of Tile's latest Tile Mate tracker have 22 percent off in the Boxing Day and January sales, a saving of £15.

The multipack is now available for £39.99 from Tile direct.

Tile introduced the new version of the Tile Mate tracker recently that, alongside the new Tile Pro, featured longer Bluetooth range, larger key fob holes, louder speakers (50 percent, in fact) and replaceable batteries.

That latter point addressed the biggest problem with the original Tile trackers – that you couldn't reuse the tracker once the battery had run out. They were rather wasteful.

While the latest-generation Tile tracker batteries aren't user rechargeable, they are user replaceable. And, because the batteries are standard, they can be easily bought from high street or online retailers.

You can also sign up to Tile Premium for £29.99 a year or £2.99 per month, with a free one-month trial period. You'll get free battery replacements and shared tile ownership so multiple people or devices can track the same tile. You can also see a history of your Tile's movements.

And don't forget to grab the Tile Mate multipack for £39.99.

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