TP-Link is developing a new smart outlet, but it looks like a regular "dumb" one. And that's the beauty of it, really.

The company's upcoming smart outlet has all standard smart outlet features you’d expect from one, such as the ability to control power through your phone or via voice commands with a nearby Alexa or Google Assistant speaker. But there is one major difference: It’s an actual outlet. There’s no clunky device that needs to be plugged into your existing dumb outlets installed in your home walls.

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Called the TP-Link Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Power Outlet, it just passed through the FCC’s certification database. TP-Link hasn’t actually announced the product, or even a date when we’ll be able to buy it. In fact, most information about it is still somewhat limited. However, from what we can tell, it's a product that looks like any newly installed dumb outlet would, except it can connect to your W-Fi.

The idea is that you can then control it using your Wi-Fi connected smart speakers or your phone, just like you would any other TP-Link smart outlet. It’s the convenience of having a smart outlet, but without the unattractiveness of being some bulky, awkward gadget that must be plugged into a wall outlet. Instead, it's installed in your wall and offers up two spaces for you to plug in whatever you like.

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We supposed it will take a little bit of electrical know-how to install a new outlet, and that TP-Link is probably targeting home owners here, as most renters can't start taking out their wall outlets and replacing them. So, it’s not necessarily for everyone, but for those interested in having a full smart home experience without the obvious look of outlets stacked upon outlets, this could be a great to own.

Since it just passed the FCC, it could be announced soon. Or, maybe never. But we will keep you posted.

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