Google has added support for Tile – the original Bluetooth trackers that help you find lost items. Tile previously revealed at the beginning of September that Google Assistant support would be arriving in the future, but that future is now here.

Tile trackers already work with Amazon's Alexa meaning those with Amazon Echo speakers can ask Alexa to help them find their wallet or keys if they have a Tile tag on them.

Support for Google Assistant means users of devices like Google Home speakers will be able to do the same, saying "Hey Google, find my keys", for example. Google Assistant runs natively on millions of Android phones too though, making this collaboration more significant. Any device running Google Assistant will be able to help you find your Tile.

You'll need to set your Tile device up using the iOS or Android app, after which you'll need to link it to the Google Home app and set up Voice Match. Following this, when you ask Google to help you find your keys, the alarm will be triggered on the Tile to help you locate your missing item.

Currently, the collaboration between Tile and Google Assistant is just the integration of Tile as a service but it wouldn't be a huge leap of faith to consider a future where all Android phones can locate Tile devices to form a super network for Bluetooth device detection.

Apple is also rumoured to be launching its own Bluetooth tag at some point, working within the Find My app on iOS devices. If it arrives, it will be the first real challenge the Tile's market dominance in the Bluetooth tag segment but Google Assistant support will certainly help hold back the Apple threat.

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