It looks like Google might be working on a new device, though it's unclear at this stage what type of product it is, based on the details available.

This Google gadget popped up in an US Federal Communications Commission as a “media device” with the model number H2B, which, thanks to past naming conventions, as Droid Life explained, suggests it is a Google’s Home (Nest) product. The original Google Home, Google Home Max, Google Home Hub, and the Google Nest Hub Max had the model numbers H0A, H0B, H1A, and H2A.

The FCC document show it is powered by a 3.8V lithium ion battery, and there’s a label that depicts a thin, pill shape for its base. There were no other specifications or even measurements included, but already reports are wondering if it's a portable Google Home/Nest device.

Keep in mind we've seen other FCC filings in the past for Home or Nest device without a display but perhaps video. There's also the Nest Guard, which is part of the Nest Secure home security system, and it uses lithium ion batteries. All this is to say it's really hard to guess what sort of device it is at this point, but it's easy to assume Google is working hard to expand its Home and Nest lines.

The FCC’s confidentiality agreement expires in November, and Google’s annual hardware event is held a month earlier in the autumn, so perhaps we will learn more later this year. If that's the case, we may even see more leaks surface.

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