Letting a robot vacuum cleaner handle your floor cleaning chores is a tremendous idea. Come home to a freshly vacuumed floor every day, or set the machine to tidy up after a spill when you don’t have the time.

Not all robot vacuum cleaners are equal, however. Here are six reasons why the Roborock E35 is a great choice.


The E35, like other Roborock cleaners, isn’t just for sweeping the floor. It mops the floor, too. The vacuum is powerful enough to pick up all the dust easily, even the bits between floor tiles, for instance. A clever internal air duct design maximises the suction of the machine. Then there’s a side brush, a vertical roller brush and other elements which combine to ensure no part is overlooked. Simultaneous with the brushing, the mopping system picks up even fine partilces that the vacuum might miss, leaving the floor gleaming clean.

Smart cleaning

This vacuum cleaner is smart. It knows where it’s got to clean and if it’s too big an area for one go, it’ll automatically go back to its charging dock and recharge to 80 per cent before it starts again. When it does, it remembers where it got to before and picks up from the same place. Even if you move it during cleaning, it is clever enough to continue without doing the parts it’s cleaned all over again. So, there’s no wasted energy and no redundant cleaning.

Strong battery life and bin capacity

While clever use of the battery is important, it’s also crucial that a robot has decent battery life. After all, if it has to crawl back to its recharging dock every few minutes, cleaning will take forever. But the battery capacity here is considerable, 5200mAh, which is enough for two and a half hours of non-stop cleaning.

The bin which catches the dust is also important. Here, it’s larger than on many robot vacuum cleaners. It measures 640ml, which means you don’t need to empty it on a daily basis – once a week is likely to be enough.

Powerful cleaning

As well as the mopping and the strong vacuuming capabilities, there’s a special feature for carpets. The cleaner can automatically recognise when it’s rolling on to carpet and off again. At that point, it turns on maximum suction, which is more powerful than the regular level. As soon as it’s off the carpet again, normal suction is restored. All this from a machine low enough to move under furniture and beds easily.

Washable Filter

A high-efficiency E11 air filter is enough to eliminate 99.2% of dust. It is washable, so you can use it longer without replacement.

Smart precision

There are seven infrared sensors which help the cleaner decelerate as it approaches skirting boards and furniture so that it can avoid damaging either the furniture or the robot itself. It also keeps a distance when it’s moving alongside a wall, with a side brush getting things clean. There are what’s called cliff sensors, ready to stop the E35 from toppling over a step or off a height.

What's more, it has a highly efficient E11 air filter, one that can eliminate over 99 per cent of dust. It's washable, too, meaning you can use it for longer without replacement.

In other words, the E35 works for longer, works smarter and works better.

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