Fancy turning an entire wall into a new way to light up your room? Nanoleaf Canvas can do just that. The light panels will be available in a pack from £179 at the beginning of December and is the perfect way to brighten up a dull winter’s day.

You can control the canvas – made up of edge-to-edge light squares – from your phone using the Nanoleaf Smarter Series app or you can touch the light squares to turn them on if, understandably, you don’t have your phone to hand.

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The panels are modular so you can group them or create unique designs. You can potentially connect hundreds of light squares to a single control square – up to 500 panels are supported – and you can vary the colours to whatever you want.

The pack comes with nine 6-inch squares including a control panel which incorporates customisable control buttons – you can get the light panels to react to sound or you can also randomise the patterns. You can double-tap any square to turn it off or touch it to vary the pattern. Here's a video of the panels reacting to Deadmau5's music – with some additional effects…

Additional four panel packs are available for around 60 Euros according to Nanoleaf, so if you want to cover an entire wall it won’t be cheap as you’d imagine.

We reckon the best application for the Canvas will be in a room where you don’t necessarily get a lot of natural light, but it could be ideal for a music room or similar, too.

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