Smart home enthusiasts who live in the Apple HomeKit ecosystem have a new smart lock to choose from – and the Level Lock+ packs Home Key support.

The new Apple smart key solution allows people to use their iPhone and Apple Watch to instantly unlock a door and with Home Key they can easily allow access to other people, too. Keys live in the Wallet app just like a credit card with the whole experience being similar to paying for something using Apple Pay. Locks can also be used even when an iPhone or Apple Watch's battery is dead, too.

Just like other HomeKit-enabled devices, the Level Lock+ can also be locked and unlocked remotely and there is the option to add an optional keypad to the installation if the buyer so wishes. Other methods of unlocking include old-fashioned NFC keycards as well as Siri for people who prefer to talk to their doors.

That keypad isn't cheap, though. That'll set you back $79 on its own, while the Level Lock+ will cost $329.95 with Satin Nickel and Matte Black options available. You can install it yourself, too.

The Level Lock+ is currently only showing as available for sale in the United States, and even then it's exclusive to Apple Stores. There should be stock at your local store if you're lucky, but online orders are currently showing a wait time of up to six weeks.

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