Leaving your home is always a risk.

You have this big space full of your most valuable possessions that you leave completely unmanned for long periods. And that’s unavoidable. You have to go to work. You have errands to run. Plus, vacations keep you away from home for days, or even weeks, at a time.

Protection is paramount.

That’s where the EZVIZ CB8 Battery PT Camera comes in. This clever camera is the perfect addition to your security setup for many reasons. This article examines several of the key features that allow the EZVIZ CB8 Battery PT Camera to protect your home.

Feature No. 1 – The active guard system

What happens when a regular security camera picks up on an intruder?

Unfortunately, nothing much. The camera records what’s happening but can’t actively do anything to prevent the intrusion.

The EZVIZ CB8 Battery PT Camera is different because of its Active Guard System, which combines two effective preventative measures. First, it has a loud siren that starts blaring as soon as it detects a moving person inside your home. Second, that siren is accompanied by a pair of spotlights, which flash repeatedly to make it obvious to intruders and anybody near your property that something is wrong.

With the Active Guard System, the EZVIZ CB8 Battery PT Camera can scare away thieves and intruders before they do any damage.

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Feature No. 2 – 2K video capture

Recording footage of an intruder doesn’t mean much if the video is pixelated. You won’t be able to see the person’s face or any other identifying features. As a result, the footage is less useful than it could have been.

Thanks to its 2K resolution, you don’t have to worry about that problem with the EZVIZ CB8 Battery PT Camera. Every frame of footage it captures is crystal clear, making it much easier to identify intruders.

Feature No. 3 – Huge battery life

The EZVIZ CB8 Battery PT Camera can record footage for up to 210 days before it needs to be recharged. That means you can limit the recording downtime so your camera is almost always operational.

But what if you want 24/7 protection 365 days per year?

The EZVIZ CB8 Battery PT Camera offers that too if you connect it to an EZVIZ Solar Panel. These panels provide a constant source of power so you never leave your home vulnerable because your device needs recharging.

Feature No. 4 – Smart human motion detection

As valuable as the Active Guard System is, it also sounds like something that could get set off by any movement in the house. Perhaps you’re worried that pets moving around in front of the camera could set off its alerts, disrupting your day (or nighttime slumber) in the process.

The good news is that EZVIZ has accounted for these problems with the implementation of its Smart Human Motion Detection system. This system uses a person-shape detection algorithm to ensure it only alerts you to human-shaped objects moving around in your home.

Feature No. 5 – Color night vision

Even a 2K resolution may not be able to show everything you need to see if somebody is sneaking around your house in the dark. Standard night vision isn’t much help either due to the green tint it applies to everything a camera records.

You need full colour at all times to capture every detail of an intruder.

Again, the EZVIZ CB8 Battery PT Camera delivers.

It records video in full colour regardless of the time of day. That means your recordings offer clarity both in resolution and colour. When you send your footage to the authorities, they’ll be able to widen their search based on the colour of the clothes an intruder is wearing, as well as their general features.

Feature No. 6 – Large storage capacity

The EZVIZ CB8 Battery PT Camera comes with a MicroSD slot compatible with cards up to 256GB in capacity. That’s important because you need a large memory card to store 2K footage.

Video with a 2K resolution requires about 2.4GB of storage space per hour of recorded footage. Over the course of 24 hours, that adds up to 57.6GB. With a 256GB MicroSD card, you can record more than four days of footage before having to delete anything. Even better, the CB8 supports recording upon person or motion detected, to further maximize the use of storage space.

Feature No. 7 – 360-degree panoramic coverage

Most security cameras point in a single direction and record. Even rotating cameras are limited by their field of view, meaning they can’t record everything that’s going on around them at the same time.

Thanks to the EZVIZ CB8 Battery PT Camera panoramic coverage, you get to see everything. The camera offers 360-degree panoramic recording to ensure intruders can’t abuse blind spots.

The ideal home security solution

With its high-quality recordings, panoramic view, and clever human detection system, the EZVIZ CB8 Battery PT Camera is the ideal home security solution. It builds on standard security cameras with a wealth of features that make it more effective. Combine all of this with the Active Guard System and you get a camera that offers preventative measures and the ability to gather useful evidence.

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