With the ever-increasing popularity of Amazon Echo smart speakers, it's no surprise to see more and more companies jumping on the bandwagon and releasing devices with Alexa.

Amazon itself is even putting support into regular household appliances and products.

Here then are all the best new Alexa devices we've heard about.

Smart TVs with Amazon Alexa capabilities

Amazon's latest releases of both the Amazon Fire TV and Amazon Fire TV stick have included Alexa built right into the remote control allowing users to talk to their television. AI-powered television is nothing new then, but that's not going to stop TV manufacturers including the functionality as standard.

Great news for those of us who don't own an Amazon Fire TV streaming device or indeed just want more smart home power without the need to buy extra speakers. This inclusive attitude only serves to improve your home cinema experience.

Hisense 4K smart televisions

Hisense, the world’s third-largest TV manufacturer revealed its new range of televisions at CES and this range includes a number of Alexa capable panels.

These new TVs will feature a "wide variety of voice features right out of the box" – not only giving you access to the usual abilities to control volume, channels and programming, but also to echo those capabilities of Alexa as standard. You'll be able to connect to internet radio services, control your smart home devices, order shopping and much more.


LG's flagship OLED TVs for 2018 include the new AI OLED and the Signature Wallpaper model. These new TVs offer Google Assistant and Alexa capabilities too. With the promise of voice control and AI learning these new panels allow you to search for content as well as control the television as well as other smart devices all with the power of your voice.

LG's range of ThinQ branded products will also include artificial intelligence and voice assistant control powered by both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. In future, therefore, we'll be seeing more and more Alexa compatible products across the LG range.

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Acer 4K Ultra-HD projectors

Also revealed at CES in January were Acer's new 4K Ultra-HD projectors, said to be the first to support Alexa. These voice-capable projectors allow users to control them via an Amazon Echo device or compatible Acer PC. Users can turn the projector on and off, change sources, adjust brightness and more.

Alexa capable Blu-ray players

Televisions and streaming devices aren't the only audio-visual devices to warrant Alexa capabilities. Voice control of a Blu-ray player is also a logical addition to enhance your home cinema experience.

Panasonic Ultra HD Blu-ray player

Panasonic has four new Ultra HD Blu-ray players which will include a variety of features as well Amazon Alexa voice control and Amazon Video streaming support. This is great news if you want a feature packed Ultra HD player as well as the ability to stream Amazon video control with voice control without the need for a separate device or a new voice-powered smart TV.

Alexa powered refrigerators and kitchen appliances

There's a certain logic to having a smart-powered fridge – being able to add things to a shopping list, order food directly from it when something is getting low or even have your refrigerator help you with recipes.

Last year, both Samsung and LG announced new smart refrigerators at CES, this year it did the same, with new and improved models featuring Alexa too.

LG InstaView ThinQ fridge

LG revealed some of the smart kitchen appliances that will feature in its new ThinQ range. These include a number of kitchen appliances, the highlight of which is the new Instaview refrigerator.

This new fridge includes artificial intelligence which it uses to suggest recipes based on the items you have stored inside. It's also Alexa-enabled, giving you full voice control and the ability to both play music and engage with your fridge. This is perfect for whipping up a culinary storm in the kitchen as well as keeping on top of your shopping list and managing your groceries.

Whirlpool kitchen appliances

Whirlpool announced a number of new smart appliances for the company's 2018 range. These devices include smart washer dryers, microwaves, refrigerators and more. They include voice command capabilities thanks to the integration of Amazon Alexa. It allows users to stop or start the washing machine, adjust the oven temperature or just check on how long is left on the dishwasher's cycle with just a simple voice command.

Virtual Amazon Dash buttons are also being integrated within the LCD touchscreens on the front of the fridges allowing homeowners to easily order new ingredients or kitchen supplies direct from Amazon with a few clicks or with Alexa by using their voice.

Amazon Basics Microwave

Yep, Amazon is getting in on the microwave business with its own, reasonably priced device that not only heats up food, but also have Alexa support and automatic Dash replenishment features.

The Amazon Basics Microwave can be voice controlled, understanding commands including "Alexa, add 30 seconds to the microwave".

Alexa capable bathroom appliances and accessories

Smart mirrors and smart-powered bathroom accessories are nothing new, in fact, we've even seen recently that Amazon is getting in on the act with a smart mirror designed to help you shop for clothes online. Other Alexa-powered devices for your bathroom are bound to start cropping up all over the place too.

Kohler Alexa-enabled mirror

Kohler builds a new Alexa powered smart mirror which allows you to use your voice to do a range of things including adjusting the mirror's lighting, controlling other smart home gadgets and even asking it to read the news while you brush your teeth. We're just waiting to see how Alexa will respond to "who's the fairest of them all?".

U by Moen Smart Shower

Last year, Moen released a smart shower system that you could control remotely with your phone allowing you to ensure the shower was the right temperature before you even got out of bed.

This year, the company plans to update the system to add Alexa and Siri voice control. This feature will allow owners to command their shower with their voice using Amazon Echo devices in another room, superbly convenient if you have one on your bedside table. The update will apparently be a skill in the Alexa skills store, so current owners of the shower will benefit too.

HiMirror Mini smart mirror

We've seen HiMirror's smart mirrors before in 2016 and again at last year's CES. This year, the company released the HiMirror Mini, a compact version of the internet connected smart mirror. And this time around it includes Alexa capabilities.

Now you can not only use the mirror to track how you're looking on a daily basis, but you can also use it as an entertainment centre. The HiMirror Mini gives you easy access to news stories, weather information and even make-up tutorials.

The addition of voice activation will also allow you to finally ask the mirror on the wall how you're looking.

Alexa enabled cars and in-car accessories

Amazon's Alexa assistant has been making its way into cars for a while now. Various manufacturers including BMW, Seat and Mercedes have previously announced the integration of Alexa with new models and vehicles coming this year and beyond. These designs will include the ability to control the in-car navigation and infotainment systems but also on some cars even the ability to lock, unlock and remotely start vehicles using Alexa.

Other companies have been working on ways to get Alexa capable devices into your vehicle without the need to buy a new car. We've seen hand-gesture interaction with Logitech ZeroTouch, an Alexa-powered GPS navigation system from Garmin, as well as a voice-controlled music streaming device from Muse.

Then there's Amazon's own device, coming soon…

Amazon Echo Auto

In order to add Alexa voice controls to any car, Amazon is introducing the Echo Auto. It is a separate device that sits on your dashboard and hooks up to a smartphone.

It will work with Google Maps, Apple Maps or Waze, in order to offer navigation controls through voice, and has eight microphones to ensure it picks up every word uttered. It will be available later in 2018, first in beta form and then on a full release.

ROAV VIVA Alexa enabled car charger

Anker has a similar device to the Echo Auto in the form of the ROAV VIVA. It is a plug-and-play Bluetooth device that brings Alexa into any modern car with ease. The device is, in theory, perfect for those cars that are Bluetooth capable but don't quite have the ability to work with Android Auto or Apple CarPlay as most newer cars would.

The ROAV VIVA not only gives drivers access to thousands of Alexa skills including music, weather, news and more it is also said to work with calling, messaging and voice-activated navigation. This sort of technology gives drivers more and more access to hands-free features in their car.

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Alexa capable home security and safety devices

It seems like Alexa is making its way into a variety of devices around the home. Some of these devices make more sense than others.

First Alert Alexa capable smoke and carbon monoxide alarm

Anyone with an Amazon Echo device knows the way to get the best results out of the speaker is to place it as close as you can to the middle of the room, so it makes even more sense to have one ceiling mounted. This is where First Alert have essentially combined two products to create the perfect result.

The Onelink Safe & Sound device combines a smart smoke and carbon monoxide detector with Amazon Alexa. This hardwired alarm then becomes much more than just a little box to keep you safe, it also acts as an omnidirectional speaker for music playback and a hands-free voice assistant via built-in Alexa compatibility.

With this smoke detector installed you'd be able to play music, control other smart home devices in your house and interact with Alexa in a variety of other ways. It's also compatible with an app to allow you to test and silence the alarm when necessary and even use it as a nightlight if you need to.

Amazon Echo Wall Clock

Yep, it's a clock basically. However, it includes a ring of LEDs around the face that can illuminate to show count down timers and the like. And it is Alexa-enabled so can be controlled via your voice.

The Echo Wall Clock doesn't seem to have its own microphones, but will link with a separate Echo device you have in the same room – such as an Echo Show or Echo Dot.

Alexa powered light switches and plugs

Smart lighting for the home is available from a number of manufacturers and those devices often include Amazon Alexa compatibility, with skills that allow you to control your lights using your voice and an Amazon Echo device. Now some of these devices are going even further with manufacturers baking Alexa right into the design of the products.

There are also plenty of smart plugs too, that give conventional electrical items the ability to turn on and off by voice.

Amazon Smart Plug

There are plenty of app-controlled smart plugs on the market already, with many offering Alexa support, but a lot of attention has been turned to Amazon's own version.

Like those, the Amazon Smart Plug sits between a wall socket and an electrical device and can therefore be switched on and off through voice alone – even when you're not indoors. It has timer functionality too, so can be set to boil a kettle in the morning before you reach the kitchen, for example.

iDevices smart light switch

Standard light switches are so antiquated. Smart light switches are offering so much more functionality and updating a design that otherwise hasn't changed in decades. These new smart light switches from iDevices not only offer the ability control your lights the old-fashioned way, but also include an integrated speaker and full Amazon Alexa functionality too.

Now you can not only turn your lights on and off, but you can also check the weather, listen to music and more, all from your light switch. Yes, we now live in a future where you can talk to buttons on your wall.

Alexa-capable computers, laptops and notebooks

In the computer space, voice-assistants are nothing new. Microsoft's Cortana is already available to offer a helping hand on your laptop or desktop machine and Mac users can also access Siri thanks to the Sierra macOS update. A recent deal between Microsoft and Amazon saw the two companies promising to offer cross-compatibility for the assistants on the respective systems too. There's plenty of opportunities to use your voice to engage with your computer.

Now a number of hardware manufacturers have announced plans to bring Amazon's Alexa to new devices releasing this year. HP, Asus and Acer among others are including Alexa capabilities in various Windows machines.

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon

Lenovo has a range of updated products this year. The ThinkPad X1 Carbon includes a number of new features, one of which is Amazon Alexa capabilities.

Alexa-capable headphones, watches and wearables

Alongside all the announcements from various manufacturers this year, Amazon has an intent to support more and more devices. This plan includes support for a new generation of headphones and wearables that offer Alexa compatibility and integration.

Amazon's intent is to support hardware companies achieve this goal with minimum extra investment, so we can expect to see more Alexa-powered devices in the near future.

Jabra Elite 45e wire-free headset

Jabra was one of the first manufacturers to include compatibility with Amazon Alexa built right into the Jabra Elite 45e headset. This reasonably priced headset not only offers hands-free voice calling but also boasts IP54 certification and access to Alexa on the go. You can check the weather, place a call or stream music all if your voice.

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