Google is pushing its Google Home devices hard, with a range of offers to save you some cash when putting together your smart home.

With Prime Day here with discounts on Amazon Echo devices, retailers are slashing prices on Google Home to make it cheaper to get Google Assistant into your home.

The best Google device deals

• Google Home Mini: 48 per cent off, now £24 (was £49): This fabric-covered device will give you Google Assistant control of your home, answer questions and do a whole lot more. It's so compact you can put it anywhere as an extension or just to give it a try.


• Google Home: Save £30, now £59 (was £89): Google Home is an ideal replacement for your kitchen radio, giving you a better music experience than the Mini, but with the same Google Assistant skills. It's the original Google Home device.


• Google Nest Hub: Save £40, now £79 (was £119): Google Nest Hub (formerly Home Hub) is a smart display, bringing Google Assistant to your home enabling not only voice control, but letting you see everything too. It's had a price drop for a great deal.


• Google Home Max: Save £100, now £199 (was £299): The biggest sound of the Google Home family comes from the Home Max and it also has a big saving, with £100 off the price from some retailers.


All these devices lean on Google Assistant to provide the intelligence, not only being able to carry out requests, but able to access plenty of information too, like weather, news and your calendar, and able to control your smart home devices.

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