With Black Friday looming, there's going to be a lot of discounts arriving on tech over the coming weeks. While Google isn't part of Amazon's sales, it often slashes the prices of its Google Home or Google Nest devices to keep them competitive against the Amazon Echo.

There's an expanding line-up of devices from Google and here we're keeping track of all the Google Home devices to bring you the latest deals.

The best Google device deals

• Google Home Mini: The original Google Home Mini has now been updated with a second-gen model which sounds better – but you might be able to get the older model at a much lower price.


• Google Nest Mini second-gen: This fabric-covered device will give you Google Assistant control of your home, answer questions and do a whole lot more. It's so compact you can put it anywhere as an extension or just to give it a try. Now in its second-gen, it sounds better than ever.


• Google Home: Google Home is an ideal replacement for your kitchen radio, giving you a better music experience than the Mini, but with the same Google Assistant skills. It's the original Google Home device, but now heavily discounted.


• Google Nest Hub: Google Nest Hub (formerly Home Hub) is a smart display, bringing Google Assistant to your home enabling not only voice control, but letting you see everything too.


• Google Nest Hub Max: The bigger Nest Hub experience give Google Assistant a bigger screen with a camera for calling or Nest security. It's a great device.


• Google Home Max: The biggest sound of the Google Home family comes from the Home Max if you want room-filling audio performance.


All these devices lean on Google Assistant to provide the intelligence, not only being able to carry out requests, but able to access plenty of information too, like weather, news and your calendar, and able to control your smart home devices.

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