Amazon UK has teamed up with BBC Good Food to natively read (and show you) how to make a bunch of recipes on the Echo Show.

The scheme is called, unsurprisingly, Cook with Alexa. Anyone who owns an Echo Show knows that it's perfect for the kitchen – in fact, any Alexa device is whether you want to set a timer or know how many millilitres are in a pint.

The speaker's voice assistant enables you to complete tasks hands-free and now you can follow recipes step-by-step on screen without having to launch an additional skill.

Echo Show could previously do step-by-step recipes in the US with SideChef, but this is the first time it has been available in the UK.

Once you find a recipe, you can ask Alexa how to cook the meal, and she'll guide you through the process step by step.

You can say “Alexa, do you have a turkey recipe” or “Alexa, give me a recipe for Yorkshire puddings” to see the top tried and tested recipes. You can then choose which one to work through.

Once you have selected the recipe you’d like to make, ask Alexa to read out the ingredients “Alexa, what ingredients do I need’ or directly get started by saying "Alexa, let’s start cooking".

Any time you need to pause, repeat, or move on to the next step, all you need to do is ask. You can also skip to a particular step, by saying something like “Alexa, show me step four”.

There’s no need to touch the screen with wet or dirty hands, all you need is your voice. Just say "go back to cooking" at any point to resume your cooking session.

You can also ask your Echo Show for recipes by ingredient, dish name, cooking method, meal type or cuisine.

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