Arlo Ultra was first announced in November 2018, a 4K HDR wire-free security system looking to give you everything you could possibly want.

The launch of the device was hit by performance issues for early adopters, so distribution was delayed. The news that Arlo Ultra is now available to buy on general sale suggests that those problems have been solved and you'll get the great experience you expect from the system.

Arlo Ultra gives you a 4K resolution and HDR, while putting into play AI to detect people, vehicles and packages, rather than just a waving branch of a tree. To get the full experience you'll need to subscribe to Arlo Smart Premier, although a subscription for 1-year is included with in the price of the camera.

You'll get online storage for 30-days at 1080p, but there's the option to store 4K video locally using a microSD card.

The Arlo Ultra also has a wide-angle lens to make coverage and placement easier, it has a built-in LED illuminator, mic and speaker, and it can see colour low light, rather than black and white.

The Arlo Ultra's features require the use of the SmartHub, a new hub for the system that uses ArloRF as a connection standard. In the future this hub is likely to control all manner of other devices too, but the important point to note is that you can't use an existing hub with Ultra – it has to be this new one.

As with other Arlo systems, it runs on batteries so you can put the cameras anywhere, but there's a new magnetic charging system that will make it easier – and more weatherproof – should you wish to have a permanent power connection.

The Arlo Ultra is fully compatible with other Arlo products, like Arlo Pro and Arlo Light.

Arlo Ultra isn't cheap: a single camera and hub will cost you £449.99, a two camera kit will cost you £699.99. However, as a flexible system you can buy the SmartHub and then slowly upgrade, or mix and match products across the Arlo system.

Arlo Ultra is now available to buy from Amazon UK and Amazon US.

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