Working out can be hard at the best of times, let alone during moments of international uncertainty – we're all having to get used to workout routines that aren't quite what we're used to.

Gym memberships have, regardless, long felt like a bit of a swindle in some ways, as you pay another company for the right to use equipment you'll never own. Many of us pine after getting our own workout gear, but don't know where we'd store it. All of these concerns are answered by the superb Tempo, a home gym that packs away into an attractive storage cabinet, and which puts you in direct contact with personal trainers.

It's an amazing bit of kit, and we're running through some of the features that are making it one of the hottest bits of fitness tech out there right now.

The home gym of your dreams

What most of us want from a home gym is the ability to use high quality weights and bars without needing an entire bench that takes up 12 square feet even when it's not in use.

That's why Tempo is designed around a brilliant cabinet that lets you store away your weights into space that doesn't even look fitness-related. Because it's an all-in-one package, too, you don't have to fill it with your own equipment, as a superb range comes as standard.

That includes two 7.5LB dumbbells, a 25LB barbell, six collars, four each of 10LB, 5LB, 2.5LB and 1.25LB plates, as well as a heart rate monitor, workout mat, and recovery roller. All of this stores in Tempo, too, meaning that you quite literally have everthing you need to plan, execute and recover from a weights sessions without leaving your home.

A window into the world of fitness

The key to using Tempo, though, is that you're not just going to be experimenting with those weights on your own. You can use the superb 42-inch smart display in a range of ways, from selecting your own workouts to taking coached classes.

Inputting your details and letting Tempo track you as you work out means that it can connect you to a coach who can help you set your goals and achieve them. Plus, taking out a $39 monthly membership lets you get unlimited access to a huge range of live and recorded classes that you can attend via the display.

It's like being at a gym class in the comfort of your home, and means there's no need to worry about travel times or using those gross gym showers. It's just you and your workout.

3D-sensing magic

Part of the magic of that system is that Tempo uses 3D sensors to monitor your workout, anonymising all its data but analysing your form and posture to make sure that you're not in danger of hurting yourself.

This means that it can give you advice as you go, and keep you making gains in the most efficient way. Its 3D sensors are marvels that can also connect you to your classes and further make you feel like part of a great club, if that's what motivates you.

Stereo speakers, meanwhile, will pump out great-sounding audio to keep you engaged and aware of what's up next. Best of all, everyone in the house can have their own profile through one membership, so it's perfect if there's more than one of you looking to get lean.

Tempo's a bit of a game-changer when it comes to working out at home, and you can join its mini-revolution for just $55 a month, to get your hands on all of the kit we've mentioned. If you think it could work for you, head to its website to find out more and order for yourself.

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