TalkTalk has signed a deal to bring the US mesh Wi-Fi system Plume to the UK.

Having successfully gained a name for itself in the States, Plume uses mesh network technology to ensure your entire home has consistent, fast wireless broadband. But, it differs from other systems, such as Google WiFi, BT Whole Home and Netgear Orbi, in that it also uses a membership payment model to constantly adjust your settings depending on home usage.

That means, no matter what you use your connection for, it adapts the system to best suit you.

Plume also offers a dedicated application that can set parental controls, internet connection time and even block access to adult websites. It can also be used to create guest passwords and set access time limits for different devices.

A Plume subscription in the UK will cost £9 per month and be available to TalkTalk broadband customers only at launch.

Those who sign up with receive two SuperPods as part of their membership. Each SuperPod can be plugged straight into a wall socket and work with your router to supply stable Wi-Fi connectivity. The main SuperPod just needs to be cabled to your home router through Ethernet.

Additional SuperPods cost £69 each. They are easy to add to a network and set-up through the Plume app.

"We're continuously looking for ways to deliver great connectivity around the home and we know that fast, reliable Wi-Fi coverage is really important to our customers, particularly as the amount of time they’re spending online is increasing," said TalkTalk's director of product, Phil Amy.

"Plume’s easy to use and personalised service aligns directly with TalkTalk’s core values of providing simple and reliable connectivity."

You can find out more on TalkTalk's dedicated Plume webpage.

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