Robot vacuum cleaners have become a pretty much standard part of many homes over recent years, and for those with bigger gardens robot lawnmowers are likely to follow the same trajectory.

They're still often really expsensive for now, though, which is why deals are so valuable when they do pop up. Case in point, Flymo's EasiLife 150 GO has got a big discount as part of Amazon Prime Day in the UK.

There are multiple versions of the robot lawn mower on sale, too, aimed at different garden sizes. The 150 square metre version is 23 percent off, taking it down from a regular price of £569.99 to just £439.99 – that's a saving of £130.

The 250 square metre option comes down from £599.99 to £491.99, a smaller 18 percent saving; finally, the full-range 500 square metre option is down from £649.99 to £532.99, also 18 percent off.

Regardless of which size is right for your garden (and we're envious if you've got a 500 square metre lawn), you'll be able to set it up easily and relax in the knowledge that doing your own mowing will be a thing of the past.

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