Tado has updated its suite of smart home thermostat products to V3+ and introduces a new app to give you greater understanding and control over the air quality in your home.

The new Tado app, which helps you control your Smart Thermostat and Radiator products, has been redesigned to provide a variety of core Skills to assist you in your daily life. It can be tweaked to provide geofencing, automatic weather adaptation, even alert you when a window has been left open.

In addition, a new Air Comfort Skill can improve the quality of your indoor air and sleep during the night, with advice based on you home's air climate.

It will advise when and for how long to open the windows, for example, or how to reduce humidity in the house.

This depends on numerous factors, including local weather forecasts and even outdoor air quality in your neighbourhood.

"We are proud to launch our new V3+ product suite which is another step forward to help our customers to save energy, while at the same time enjoying a comfortable and healthy home,” said Tado's co-founder Christian Deilmann.

"Everyone is unique, which is why we’ve also added a new level of customisation in our app that is intuitive for all to use, and serves as your personal climate assistant."

The Tado V3+ Smart Thermostat Starter Kit retails for £199.99 and includes a Smart Thermostat, internet bridge and all the cables and connectors. A Smart Radiator Starter Kit comes with one Smart Radiator Thermostat and retails for £119.99.

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