If you're a Spotify Premium user in the UK, you're about to get something for free – a Google Nest Mini worth £49.

New and existing subscribers to Spotify Premium can currently sign up to get one of Google's smart home speakers as part of their package. You just have to head to Spotify's website to find out more.

You will need to link your Spotify and Google accounts to take part so Spotify knows you'll be listening to it on your new device as opposed to other music services (which of course you can access as well). Unfortunately, the offer is available in the UK only. Spotify says it has "designed a more seamless setup experience as part of the bundled offer" so expect it to be set up with Spotify already, in other words.

Once you register for the deal and link your accounts you'll be redirected to the Google Store to fulfil your order, but you'll get a 100 percent discount on the price.

The deal is available for Spotify Premium individual, Family, Duo and Student deals in the UK. For the joint accounts, the primary account holder can redeem the voucher.

The Nest Mini features two times stronger bass than the original Google Home Mini and more natural sound – an ideal way to listen to Spotify's more-than 50 million tracks.


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