All Spotify Premium for Family subscribers are being rewarded with a free Google Home Mini worth £49.

From today, 18 March, new and existing subscribers to Spotify's family plan can sign up to get one of Google's smart home speakers as part of their package.

If applicable, you just have to head to Spotify's website to find out more.

The offer ends on 14 May 2019, so you must ensure you redeem your device by then.

Spotify's family plan allows up to six members in a household to access the full, paid Premium music streaming service for just one monthly fee of £14.99.

The free Google Home Mini can be redeemed by the master account holder only. However, Google Assistant on the device will recognise up to six different voices in the home, so will provide a personalised experience for each family member.

It can be used to stream Spotify tracks or interact with other smart home devices. You can also use it to search the internet and give you up to date weather and news reports.

Unfortunately, the offer is UK only, but Spotify subscribers in the US also have a deal where they can get free access to the Hulu video streaming service as part of their subscription. Find out more on this here.

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