Sony is pushing a firmware update to several of its audio products that give them Alexa compatibility.

You will be able to ask Alexa-enabled devices to play music and control playlists through the Sony HT-FZ9 soundbar, and ask them to change the volume, skip tracks and more.

The soundbar will also be Alexa multi-room enabled later this year, allowing you to include it in a home multiroom environment along with other Alexa-supported speakers from a variety of manufacturers.

The company's wireless headphones will gain the ability of using Alexa through their in-built microphones. As long as you have the Alexa app on your smartphone, you will be able to tap a button on your headphones, ask a question and Alexa will respond accordingly.

"Adding Alexa support to our critically-acclaimed wireless headphones, means we can enhance the experience of consumers by letting them use their voices to control the music they listen to," said Sony Europe's Richard Palk.

"Likewise with soundbar in a home environment, we will offer an additional way to interact with your favourite home entertainment products."

The HT-FZ9 soundbar will get the Alexa firmware update in the autumn, while the multi-room function will arrive in winter.

Sony's wireless headphones will get their Alexa support in winter too.

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