Sonos offers a "Trade-Up" program that gives customers a 30 per cent discount off new Sonos products when trading in old devices. Great.

However, that system is being called environmentally unfriendly, for bricking old devices rather than making them available for resale.

Twitter user @AtomicThumbs highlighted the problem in a thread. He revealed that five otherwise perfectly good Sonos Play:5 speakers had been rendered useless by Sonos' recycling system.

Users are warned in the FAQ section of the Trade-Up program that this will be the case, stating that by putting a device into recycle mode it will make it unusable:

"Recycle Mode is a state your device enters 21 days after recycling confirmation in the Sonos app. In Recycle Mode, all data is erased and the device is permanently deactivated so you can safely and securely dispose of it. Once a device is in Recycle Mode, it cannot be reactivated."

Once Recycle Mode has been completed the speakers will be "permanently deactivated" and "cannot be resold" according to that page.

Sonos says that "…Taking your device to a local certified e-recycling facility is the most environmentally friendly means of disposal."

AtomicThumbs isn't quite so sure:

This is the the most environmentally unfriendly abuse and waste of perfectly hardware I've seen in five years working at a recycler.
We could have sold these, and ensured they were reused, as we do with all the working electronics we're able. Now we have to scrap them.

— ralph waldo cybersyn (@atomicthumbs) 27 December 2019

If you're considering upgrading your Sonos speaker, you might want to think about selling the old one rather than taking advantage of the trade-up system at this point.

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