Sonos and Ikea will finally reveal the first products within the Symfonisk range during the Milan furniture show, which takes place between 9-14 April.

The two companies first announced their collaboration in 2017 and since then, we have been drip fed various details and teasers about the joint speaker range, even shown prototypes, but we've yet to see what the final designs will look like and how they will work.

We know from talking to Patrick Spence, CEO of Sonos, that the Symfonisk range will provide a taste of the Sonos experience, controlled via the Sonos app, meaning access to all of the features Sonos offers.

The speakers in the range will also take the "same view" as Sonos when it comes to voice assistants, offering "multiple agent support", meaning Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, though the latter is still in beta on Sonos.

We also know that the Symfonisk speakers will work with Ikea's Tradfri system, which includes smart lighting, smart plugs and more recently, smart blinds.

In terms of design, the teaser videos and information available tell us that the Symfonisk speakers will be able to "tuck into [Ikea] furniture in hidden ways" in a bid "to get people to stop thinking about the speaker and start thinking about the sound".

Based on our interview with Spence, we know the Symfonisk speakers definitely won't be flat packed (phew) and they are expected to sit below the Sonos One in terms of price, acting as a "stepping stone" into the Sonos experience.

The two companies have previously announced the Symfonisk range would be available to buy from August 2019 but it will certainly be interesting to finally see what they look like in April.

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