A new range of smart kitchen appliances under the Sharp brand is coming with Alexa support and smart features to simplify home chores.

It includes a 75-litre oven, four door fridge/freezer, dishwasher and 10kg washing machine.

Each of them can be asked to perform different functions via an Amazon Echo or other connect device with Alexa voice recognition.

The oven, for example, can be asked by voice to turn on boost mode to cut-down preheat times by up to 50 per cent, or to set the heating programme hands-free.

Sharp's smart American fridge has the option to set a super cool mode through Alexa, in order to reach optimum storage temperatures more quickly. You can even ask Alexa to turn one of the two freezer compartments into an additional fridge unit instead, to fit more groceries.

A 15 place setting smart dishwasher will start on a simple voice command, and you can tell it which washing mode to choose from, including a proprietary 14-minute cycle.

Finally, the smart washing machine comes with Amazon Dash Replenishment built in. It tracks your detergent usage and automatically orders replacements from Amazon's UK site so you won't run out.

Prices and availability are yet to be revealed, but you can find out more on the Sharp Home Appliances website.

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