The Ring Doorbell 3 and 3 Plus were announced earlier this year to replace Ring's premium line of video doorbells. Both currently have a £50 saving in the Boxing Day sales with some retailers, making them a really good deal.

That will save you over 20 per cent on the Ring Video Doorbell 3 and Plus version.


They both introduce dual-band Wi-Fi for increased performance while the 3 Plus also has pre-roll, where you can view a few seconds of video (in lesser quality) before the movement is detected. It means you can see how situations occur – like if someone scratches your car – that you'll see the seconds before the incident and not just when motion is already in view.


Both models now also feature an adjustable motion zone, called near zone. This can detect motion within 1.5 to 4.5-metres of the front door. Plus you can also exclude areas of the camera's field of view from video recordings.

Other highlights include the Ring Doorview Cam, which replaces a peephole with a camera.


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