The super Sonos One offers are back and you can grab yourself a pair with a saving of £50 – the offer is available until 2 January.

The Sonos One is one of our favourite voice-controlled speakers at the moment. It has Alexa built-in and will soon be getting Google Assistant, and you can use both to control playback of supported music streaming services, such as Amazon Music, TuneIn or Spotify.

There's no voice support for Apple Music, although you can stream Apple Music to Sonos speakers via AirPlay 2. So you're now able to pick one up for £179 or two for £348.

The deals are a clever move from Sonos, now that Apple's HomePod is available for £319/$349 – note that Apple has been emailing Apple Music subscribers to offer them £50 off the HomePod as well.

Sonos says its £50 off deal will only run until 2 January, so if you want to get some of the very best wireless audio available around your house, be sure to snap one or two of these up quickly!

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