If you've been after an Echo, then there's no better time to get as there are big savings on Amazon Spring sale, only time is running out.

There's 43 per cent off the Amazon Echo Input, costing just £19.99 on Amazon UK, previously it was priced at £34.99. The Input is designed to add Alexa to existing speakers, connecting via Bluetooth or 3.5mm cable – it's a bit like the Echo Dot, but without the speaker.

The Echo Dot is the most compact and cheapest way to bring a complete Alexa device to rooms in your house, and now with £25 saving as it costs £29.99 (was £49.99).

Amazon's Echo 2nd generation has also seen a price cut, reduced on Amazon UK by 28 per cent, priced at £64.99 and not £89.99. That's a good deal for a more complete system, and with a decent speaker built-in.

You can also check out some of the brand's other deals, such as getting 50 per cent of Audible for 3 months – at only £3.99 instead of £7.99 a month.

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