Amazon's Blink Mini is a super compact indoor security camera with day and night modes, has motion detection plus two-way audio. And Amazon is carrying a brilliant Prime Day offer on it.

The deal means you get 43 per cent off, costing $19.99 instead of $34.99 – saving $15 and for a limited period only, if you're a Prime member.

And in the UK, it has a 37 per cent discount, priced at £21.99 instead of $34.99 and with £13 off.

Blink Mini records Full HD 1080p resolution and has two-way audio, which enables you to communicate with anybody in the same room as the camera with the Blink app. And, of course, you can view footage that way, too.

It is a wired camera, so there's no need to switch out the batteries. It can also pair to Alexa devices such as the Echo Show to display a live feed from the camera's view.

Amazon also has the £34.95 Blink Sync Module 2, so you can record and locally save clips. Plug a USB drive into it, and you can store video from up to 10 different Blink Mini cameras.

You can then watch all your Blink Mini footage from the USB drive itself (when plugged into a PC) or from the Blink Home Monitor.

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