We've all been video calling a lot more this year and if you use Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp then the Facebook Portal is for you.

It's a dedicated video calling device that comes in various sizes and right now you can save up to 30 percent off at Amazon.


The smallest of Facebook's Portal line is the 8-inch Portal Mini, while there's also the larger 10-inch Portal and larger Portal Plus with a punchy 15.6-inch display and extra wide-angle camera. All come in either black or white.


The frames can also be used to display your Facebook Photos, while they have a classy design that blends into the background when you're not using them.


And, of course, they can be used for video calling through Facebook or WhatsApp. The best feature is that the camera subtly follows your face as you move, so you're always the subject of the call.

Finally, there's another model in the range – the Portal TV. As you might guess, it connects to your TV to display the calls, while using smart panning and zooming to keep you in shot even if you're moving around the room.


Portal devices also use Amazon's Alexa voice assistant, too, which is really easy to set up.

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