Google has pushed out a range of summer discounts on Nest home devices, meaning you can save on the Nest Hub as well as the Nest Mini.

The devices from Google will get your home connected, allowing voice control via Google Assistant and linking into a wide range of smart home services, as well as being able to provide information, play music and a whole lot more.

The Google Nest Hub has been discounted down to $59/£59 for this cute little smart display that has been hovering around the $/£80 mark. Remember that this doesn't have a camera, so if you want to make Duo calls, you'll need to opt for the larger model below. It's discounted across all retailers.


Plus, the largest of the family, the Nest Hub Max, is on a long-term discount that brings the price down under £200.


On the Nest Hub Max you have a 10-inch display, as well as a camera in the front meaning you can place video calls to keep in contact with friends and family – while also having decent speakers for a more rounded sound than the smaller devices.

Finally, the Nest Mini budget smart speaker – that's the second-gen Home Mini – also has a $20/£20 discount at the moment, taking the normal price from $/£49 to $/£29. You can also find this deal at a range of retailers.


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