There's still time to mop up some devilish savings this Amazon Prime Day, and the iRobot Roomba 692 deal – available for $199.99 – represents one of the better discounts on robot vacuums.

With the robot vacuum cleaner typically featuring an asking price of $299.99, there's only a limited amount of time left for Amazon Prime members (or those looking to use a free trial effectively) to save a cool $100.

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What's good is that this is one of the easier purchases to justify, too – having an automated vacuuming system saves you not only precious time (in which you could hunt for even more deals, perhaps), but also eliminates the tedium of, you know, actually cleaning up crumbs dotted about your house.

With plenty of Amazon Prime Day robot vacuum deals still floating about, though, why choose this device in particular? First and foremost, it gives you the cheapest possible entry point into the expensive world of robot hoovers – as far as established brands go, finding one for sub-$200 is always worth considering.

In terms of features, the self-charging 692 is able to be controlled via Alexa, and can handle pretty much any kind of floor you have, thanks to different cleaning modes. There are also things like iRobot's Dirt Detection, which notes the areas of your home that need the most work and ramps up the cleaning, and Cliff Detection, something that's essential for users aiming to clean near stairs.

Robot vacuums, as we say, are often discounted around this time of year, but it would still be surprising to see this replicated for Black Friday. This makes it a great time to take advantage, if you can be quick enough.

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