Samsung's SmartThings range has been refreshed with a new line-up of smart home devices.

Considering the previous SmartThings products first hit the market three years ago, they were due an upgrade and the new range includes an improved Samsung SmartThings Hub, Multipurpose Sensor, Motion Sensor, Water Leak Sensor and "The Button".

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The new SmartThings Hub is wireless, so can be placed anywhere in a room – not just need your home router. It connects your SmartThings devices to a central control with added features and compatibility with apps for iOS and Android. You can also control your SmartThings devices through a Samsung Family Hub fridge or Smart TV.

New features include support for most of the major voice assistants: Bixby, naturally, but also Alexa and Google Assistant.

It can now send you instant alerts and notifications wherever you are, if there's a leak, intrusion or even if you've left a device plugged in that shouldn't be.

There are also SmartThings scenes for Good Morning, Good Evening and Good Night. Each can set off a chain of actions, including locking the door, arming a connected security alarm and turning off the lights.

And Automations can run scenes and control devices when certain conditions are met.

The new Multipurpose Sensor comes in two pieces and alerts you when one moves away from the other. You can put it on a window frame, for example, to tell you when the window has been opened.

A new Motion Sensor will alert you when there is motion in the area. While a new Water Leak Sensor does exactly what it says on the tin.

The other device is The Button. It is a totally new addition and can be set to control actions at a single or double tap, or a long press. So you can have it activate lights or any other connected device.

Prices for the new range are yet to be revealed.

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