Appliance makers seem to think people want everything to be smart and connected to the internet. Samsung is the latest example, with its new smart fridge that's been given the AI treatment.

Samsung’s smart fridge range first debuted at CES 2016 and has been annually updated with support for Bixby, SmartThings, and even AKG speakers. Its newest models, unveiled before CES 2020, add image recognition. More specifically, they add AI-equipped View Inside cameras that can scan what’s inside your fridge, identify food, and let you know what items need to be re-stocked.

It can even make meal suggestions based on the ingredients in your fridge. In fact, Samsung has new Family Hub software rolling out too, and it includes meal planning via Whisk, a food startup Samsung bought last year. You can plan meals for up to a week and create shopping lists. That massive built-in touchscreen shows lists, video clips, and supports casting from Samsung devices.

There is actually two models of the new fridge: The AI-equipped InstaView ThinQ and the InstaView with Craft Ice (makes spherical ice balls). Technically, the InstaView with Craft Ice released in the US last year, but it's now expanding to more regions. Each fridge is the same otherwise, and both tout a 22-inch display that can turn transparent so you can see inside without opening the door.

Samsung said its Family Hub software update will roll out this spring. Pricing and release dates for the InstaView ThinQ has yet to be revealed.

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