For the last few years, Samsung's Family Hub refrigerators have been stars of CES trade shows and this year is no different.

The 2019 line-up each feature the same style, large display on the right-hand door, but extra intelligence and enhanced Bixby voice control make them smarter than ever before.

The screen features a new Family Board function, which can be personalised for different family members. They can pin digital notes and photos to the virtual board, and customise their own devoted screen with reminders, stickers and memories.

A dynamic screen saver will display family moments and important information, such as weather reports, even when not in full use.

Bixby control can be used to get a daily news report, and each family member's voice is recognised so can provide content just for them on command. The appliances are also fully compatible with the Samsung SmartThings smart home platform.

New apps are available, such as Expedia and Uber – yes, you can order a cab through your fridge this time around.

View inside mode is back, which shows the interior of the refrigerator without having to open the door, and you can tag expiration dates for reminders on what to add to your next shopping list.

There will be more Family Hub models than before in 2019. We'll bring you more when they are closer to release.

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