Samsung has announced it will reveal a new fridge at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) taking place in Las Vegas at the beginning of January 2023.

The South Korean company will debut the Bespoke Refrigerator Family Hub Plus at the show, which offers a 32-inch Full HD touchscreen display.

Samsung's Family Hub first arrived in 2016 but the latest model succeeds the previous fridge that has a 21.5-inch display. The larger touchscreen is optimised for vertical format videos and it also offers Samsung's TV Plus service, offering access to around 190 US TV channels and 80 Korean TV channels.

The TV channels can be watched in Picture-in-Picture mode, allowing for more efficient multi-tasking. For example, you could be watching a news channel, whilst searching for a recipe or controlling your home appliances.

Additionally, you can link Google Photos to your Bespoke Refrigerator Family Hub Plus and the Amazon Your Essentials service in the US is also available.

Samsung's SmartThings Hub is also built-in on the latest fridge, enabling you to use it as a home IoT hub by controlling lights, blinds, switches, motion detection sensors, and door open sensors from various compatible companies. It's also possible to do this at a glance using the Big Widget, and the fridge also has recipe videos from the SmartThings cooking service and art works from the Bespoke Atelier app.

Samsung hasn't revealed pricing or availability information for the Bespoke Refrigerator Family Hub Plus as yet but it will be on show at CES 2023 so we will be sure to go and have a look at what a fridge with the size of a small TV screen looks like in real life.

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