iRobot has announced a new feature called iRobot Genius which unlocks a new set of smart algorithms in its popular Roomba vacuums, all powered by an update to the iRobot Home App.

The idea behind this set of updates is to give users a much simpler and more personalised method of controlling their robot vacuums and cleaners.

Over time – with iRobot Genius – compatible models of the Roomba vacuum will learn users' habits to adapt cleaning schedules and suggestions to match.

For instance, anyone with a Roomba i7/i7+ or s9/s9+ vacuum, or those with the Braava Jet M6 robot mop will get a zone cleaning feature which not only lets you manually clean specific zones but also can detect areas that may need more frequent cleaning.

This could be around the dining room table, or near a sofa or underneath kitchen worktops. Using the new smart features, the iRobot Home app will proactively suggest cleaning these zones that it has detected.

As well as that, the iRobot Home app has built-in event-based automation. As an example, users will be able to program preset conditions or talk to other smart home products to know when you've left the house.

Using these capabilities you can have the Roomba clean your home after you leave for work each morning, without having to manually telling it to clean. It can do this by using location services in the app or by tying in with devices like the August Smart Lock which knows when you've locked up and left.

Recommended cleaning schedules are being added too, so it can suggest cleaning the dining room after mealtimes and you can add these preset cleaning routines to a list of favourites within the app to make them easily actionable with a couple of taps.

As if all of that wasn't enough, iRobot is also introducing a feature whereby Roomba vacuums can recommend "Keep Out Zones" to stop the machine from cleaning specific areas and even adjust recommendations based on seasons. For instance, during allergy seasons when more cleaning is required to reduce flare-ups.

iRobot is rolling out these smart features in a software update to its iRobot Home App from 25 August, and it'll be available to users worldwide.

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