Roku is a company best known for streaming sticks and software, but has made the jump into the world of smart home tech with seven new products.

Roku's new lineup will hit Walmart stores starting 17 October 2022, but you can also buy direct from Roku, too. When you do, you'll have the choice of a number of products that cover the most obvious smart device categories, including light strips, bulbs, and security cameras.

The company says that its smart home cameras will start below $27 each, making them insanely good value. All of the new products being announced today will be managed via the new Roku Smart Home mobile app which is coming to both iOS and Android. Those who want to keep their recordings in the cloud will also be able to take advantage of a subscription plan that will include smart alerts, package delivery notifications, recording histories, and more.

Unfortunately, and perhaps unsurprisingly, it doesn't appear that Apple HomeKit support is included yet, let along HomeKit Secure Video.

The full rundown of products coming to the new Roku smart home lineup includes:

  • Indoor Camera 360°
  • Video Doorbell & Chime
  • Smart Bulbs (white and colour)
  • Smart Light Strips
  • Indoor and Outdoor Smart Plugs
  • Indoor and Outdoor Cameras
  • Floodlight camera

All of these will be available in the United Sates starting later this week, but there's been no word as yet on whether we can expect any of them to find their way beyond the border, let alone over the Atlantic. Given the low price of those cameras, we can only hope that some news is forthcoming sooner rather than later.

You can check the range out on the Roku website if you're on the right side of the pond.

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