Buying a robot vacuum can be a slightly daunting experience if you're not all caught up with the latest developments in the world of suction technology.

It isn't always easy to guess what the most important features are in a new vacuum, so we've rounded up some of the biggest priorities you should be concentrating on. Check them out, below!

1. Suction

One of the most important elements of any vacuum when it comes to effective cleaning is a pretty obvious one, but nonetheless needs covering – suction power! We've all used vacuums that have simply weak suction to bring to bear, and it's a painful limitation. The same is equally true for robot vacuums.

If they can't pick up dust and dirt adequately, you'll quickly be able to notice. Roborock was aware of that lesson from the first moment it appeared on the market, and its vacuums all have exemplary suction levels. These are at their most impressive on models like the S6 MaxV, which has power to spare, but more budget-friendly options like the S6 Pure can still leverage enough power to lift even heavy items like a AA battery.

2. Obstacle avoidance

Another key issue facing most robot vacuums comes in terms of navigation. They're expected to move around your home independently, tidying up behind you without bothering you at all. If you opt for a cheaper, less well-regarded model, you might find this interrupted often by small failures like getting stuck on furniture or tangled in wires.

You should look out for advanced features like those Roborock packs into its vacuums – including LiDAR scanning systems that can see upcoming obstacles with remarkable accuracy. With this and other laser technologies, Roborock has ensured that using its vacuums is never frustrating since they're adept at navigating around things. Take the Roborock S7, its latest model – its onboard navigation is second to none, and it even has algorithmic route-making systems to ensure that it takes the best route every time.

Plus, you don't even have to provide them with a map of your home or mark it off with magnetic tape or anything. They'll scan and build a model of your floorplan independently as they work, establishing the best routes and most efficient ways to clean it, all of their own accord. This even further enhances their ability to work uninterrupted.

3. Smart features

The other big category of features that you should be paying attention to falls under the umbrella of smart features, which covers quite a lot of ground. For one thing, if you're the proud owner a smart home system, and use the likes of Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to control various bits of it, you might want to ensure that your vacuum works with them, like Roborock's do. This means you can send it out to clean with just voice commands, a lovely luxury, and it's just as true of more affordable models like the Roborock S4 as it is for more expensive options.

On top of that, though, features like scheduling and automatic carpet detection also make it easy to set up cleaning routines without too much hassle, compared to some other brands which make it far harder to get things organised.

Whether you opt for a model like the S6 MaxV, which has a mopping option to let you clean hard floors even more effectively, or the S6 Pure which sticks to vacuuming alone, Roborock's penchant for intelligent features means you'll never find yourself scratching your head.

These are some of the major highlights that you need to consider as you get a robot vacuum, but to find out more about how Roborock has covered them and more with its excellent devices, check out its website.

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