Roborock hasn't been on the robot vacuum scene for all that long – it only dropped its first major vacuum in the last couple of years. But it's rapidly become one of the foremost names in the sector, with an expanding range of reliable devices to pick from.

But, sometimes, picking between different models of vacuum can be a little tough. None of them look hugely different to each other from the outside, although they have distinct modes and features. We thought it would be useful to take a look at two of Roborock's best robot vacuums, the S5 and E3, and compare what they can offer you, to make sure that you pick up the one that's best suited to your home.

Roborock E3

We'll start with the Roborock E3, since it's the slightly cheaper of the two devices, although its feature set is still seriously rich. The E3 is ideally suited to a cleaning area of between 150 and 200 square metres, and has a sizeable dustbin of 640ml to make sure that it can collect all the dust and dirt it comes across.

With a suction rating of 2000Pa, and a battery that can keep it cleaning for more than two and a half hours, the E3 should be able to tackle anything you leave in its way.

The E3 has what Roborock calls "inertial navigation" on-board, a system uses gyroscopes and optical sensors to move around safely and find routes. This is slightly different to how the S5 works things out, as we'll see below.

It also has a mopping function, to ensure that both hard floors and carpets can be catered to – with a water reservoir, you can simply switch the vacuum to mopping mode to get that shining-clean look you'd like.

The E3 will map out your home as it works, working out the most efficient route to use to clean it, and will return to its charging point when it needs a battery top-up. If this means it doesn't get through the whole surface in one go, it can automatically resume where it left off, too.

If you've got a slightly smaller home, and don't necessarily need some of the impressive additional features that we'll detail for the S5 below, the E3 is a great choice. It's a slightly cheaper option, but doesn't skimp on the essentials, and will keep your home shiny and clean without any hassle.

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Roborock S5

The Roborock S5, we should stay at the offset, does pretty much everything that the E3 does (although with slightly different methods in places). It is the more deluxe version, with a slightly more complex set of sensors and abilities.

That means that it, too, has a mopping function, and will autonomously clean your home and recharge its batteries without bothering you. Its dustbin is slightly smaller, actually, at 480ml, but in terms of the size of home that it's ideal for, anything from 200 square metres and bigger will find it a perfect choice.

It also has suction rated at 2000Pa, and can run for about the same amount of time before returning for a charge. Both models also have waste bins and indeed air filters that are fully removable and washable, making sure that you don't have to spend more on frequent replacements like with some competing robot vacuums.

Where the S5 starts to differentiate itself is obvious from its design. That orange hub in the middle of the vacuum's body houses many of the S5's sensor array. The S5 actually has a laser navigation system that is frighteningly accurate. It uses this to build up a highly reliable map of your home, and can designate certain areas within that saved map as designated cleaning zones if desired.

The S5, then, is a great choice if you're looking for a slightly more deluxe cleaner, or if your home is just a little bit bigger than the E3's range. It's worth remembering, though, that since the vacuums can clean themselves and resume their routine, they can theoretically clean pretty much any size of home, given the time to do so.

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